How to use

Hello everyone, here's our advice on all of our wax melts, bars and candles. Hand poured in the UK.
Please never leave your wax burners or candles unattended.
We know they smell and look edible but there not so please don't try and eat them.
For our wax melts, pots, bars, loafs and bags.
Please remove from all packaging and place in your burner. Don't over fill your burner, 1-2 pieces from a snap bar or 1 segment from our segment snap pot is enough. If you have bought a big heart, big unicorn, bigger pies or waffles please cut parts off and place into your burner. Keep replacing tea lights until you can no longer smell the scent.
The strength of the fragrance will always depend on your room size, temperature and if you have doors/windows open. Please close doors and windows to get the best intensity. 
To remove your melts from your burners you can wait till the melt is hard and cold and apply pressure on one side and it should just pop out. You can also use cotton balls pads to soak the wax up while it's hot but please be careful while doing this as it is hot. 
All of our melts and candles are CLP compliant and the melts include, soy wax, mica powder, glitter, fragrance oil and dye so please check this for allergies.
For our candles.
All candles are made from soy wax and are CLP compliant. Please do not leave your candles unattended and only burn for no longer then 4 hours at a time. 
Thank you for reading and we hope you love our scents just as much as we do x