3 Facts About Our Little Scented Wax Melt Hearts

Have you seen our wax melt hearts?

We know these hearts will be one of your favourites... These also make cute gifts and stocking fillers! We also have a whole collection of scents! Now lets get on to some facts..
1- You can use 1-2 hearts depending on how strong you want your fragrance.
2- Two hearts will give you 12+ hours of scent! Sometimes more depending on the fragrance you choose.
3- These are one of the easiest melts to start with as you can just pop them in your burner and your good to go! 
So we do recommend starting with these wax melts that's why we have them available in bags of 6 and sample packs of two. So you can use them to test out a fragrance you've never tried before or just get the bag of 6 in a fragrance you know you'll really like!
Hope this helped,
Boujieecandles x